Eliminate hidden ingredients causing your skin irritation and possibly health problems.  

About Dr. LaFarra

Welcome to Dr. LaFarra’s page! Dr. LaFarra is a triple board-certified physician, author, and founder of LaFarra & Co. wellness and beauty. Her mission is to educate and empower about being mindful of the products they use in, on, and around them through social media tips on self care and anti-inflammatory lifestyle choices, cosmetics, and her Amazon best-selling book “Chews to be Healthy.”


Dr. LaFarra’s holistic approach to wellness was developed through triumph over personal challenges and enhanced by practicing as a physician. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as a teenager, later learning she had specifically had sarcoidosis. Becoming a health coach after almost ten years as a physician motivated her to change what she put in, on, and around her. She adopted more anti-inflammatory lifestyle choices and experienced a health transformation. She no longer was stuck in the cycle of steroids and flareups of her illness.


Dr. LaFarra, like many other women, began to experience sensitivities to foods and cosmetics as an adult. Discontented by the number of products commonly used in our day-to-day activities that contained ingredients that  caused irritation and were linked to other illnesses, she sought other options. Dr. LaFarra created LaFarra & Co. to merge health and beauty and provide more options for luxurious beauty and self care products so women everywhere could look and feel radiant from the inside out.  


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